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    “I have been an engineer for more than 15 years working in roles that involve getting actionable insights from different data sources. This course is based off 8 years of experience with Splunk, combined with Certifications. The material is organized to demystify Splunk, encourage, and get you going with this very useful centralized log management platform.”

    George Ntani

    RylKim Solutions LLC

    What you get:

    The idea is to provide foundational knowledge to ease your Splunk journey. It provides you a platform to easily grow your experience and subsequently gain more knowledge through Splunk Certifications.

    What is it all about?

    The Splunk Essentials course is focused on providing a clear understanding of the foundational concepts of the Splunk platform. There is a connection between the different modules from introducing Splunk with a use case, to understanding the building blocks (Splunk instances and components), deployment, installation and the different ways to use and administer Splunk. The course also includes modules on how to ingest and extract fields from data as well as concepts of Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL).

    The course is divided into 9 modules with each module having 4-8 slides explaining concepts. Five modules have video demonstrations to enhance your understanding. Each module also contains a multiple choice quiz.